Everywhere in Britain should have at least one day of snowfall during the winter months. This winter Bedfordshire has seen not a flake

The long-term averages for days with “snow cover” everywhere in the British Isles, even places as far south as Bournemouth, register at least one day of significant snowfall in each of the three winter months. Towards the end of the last century the number of snow days per year begins to drop, but everywhere at least one period of snowy weather was expected each winter.

This winter in Bedfordshire – 45 miles north of London – where snow was once a regular occurrence, not even a snowflake has been spotted. In the last ten weeks there has been only a handful of frosts and there is nothing in the forecast to suggest that the rest of February will be any different. The long-term trend, even in Scotland, has been for Februaries to warm up the fastest of the three winter months. In middle England most spring flowers seem to think the winter is already over.

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