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How to make a fidget spinner by yourself ?

How to make a fidget spinner by yourself ?
Fidget spinner is the desk toy that you may know about and even have few of them. Did you think about making one by yourself ? This article is going to guide you the steps in making your unique fidget spinner.

Fidget spinner is also a stress relievers and one can hold the fidget spinner from the central bearing and spin it, that’s easy to play with and it’s not only a toy but it is also a tool to help people focus and help with controlling things such as PTSD, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Let’s take a look on the benefits of the fidget spinner :

1) Helpful for autism suffers
2) Stress reliever
3) For Dealing with hindrances of communication problems
4) Calming down highly sensitive nerves
5) Fights against anxiety
6) For Control over senses
7) Help increase focus

How to make your own fidget spinner
You can make your own fidget spinner at home with the following easy method.

Actually you don’t need to use bearing, what you need is the following that you can get at home easily.
– Small Cardboard Sheet
– Toothpick
– 4 Coins with 1 big and 3 small

Steps in making your own fidget spinner
1 ) In order to make a fidgets spinner at home by yourself all you have to do is to take cardboard piece ( small in size ) & also one Large Coin
2 ) Now take a pencil and draw the shape of Tri fidget on it and then join circles with the circle in the center .
3 ) Make same shape’s 2 cuts like tha\

4 ) On the first cardboard’s end stick the 3 small coins on the three en

5 ) Now cut that out and stick it on the 2nd c

6 ) Get the sides of the fidget body covered by sticking the cardboard paper strip with glu

7 ) With the toothpick now make a hole in the centre porti

8 ) On cardboard make 2 circle cut and fix it on the two sides of fidget bo

9 ) Using glue stick that small coin shaped cut out cardboard to the toothpi

10 ) Cut down the extra length of toothpi

This is the simple way to make a fidget spinner with some daily materials, I hope you can enjoy it and start making your own unique fidget spinner by yourself.


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