The reality show is riddled with issues – and adding a new series reeks of desperation. Is this the beginning of the end for the ITV2 behemoth?

Love Island has occupied a weird spot in the heart of British culture for a few years now, at once able to be adored by the public at large and intellectualised to death by broadsheet newspapers. But you have to admit that, if the wheels were ever going to come off, they’ll come off now.

The controversy regarding the suicides of two former contestants, and the questions asked of ITV about the level of aftercare afforded to them, did Love Island no favours. And the sudden change in personnel, with Laura Whitmore being drafted in at the last minute after previous host Caroline Flack (who denies all claims) was accused of bludgeoning her boyfriend’s head with a table lamp in his sleep, couldn’t have come at a worse time. And now there is a winter Love Island series, the first episode of which debuted last night.

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