So you want to make your first Vimeo Create video? Here are some tips for getting started and making your videos look as sharp as possible, so you can have the biggest impact for your business.

1. Keep your copy short

Opt for maximum readability with short copy that’s easy to scan. This will look best in our templates, but it will also help your viewers grasp the key points of your promo.

2. Be yourself

Don’t be afraid to use a little personality. It will help your videos — and your brand stand out. Same goes for images: If you have your own photos, upload and use them in a Vimeo Create template.

3. Always include a CTA

After people watch your great video, they should have an action item. Can they shop your sale now? Should they check out your house tour online — or head to your open house?

4. Set the mood with music

But remember, not everyone watching will have sound on. But, if they are, make those tunes catchy and appropriate to your content. A Valentine’s Day sale might not need heavy metal, but your snowboard shop promo might.

Start making your videos

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